Friday, September 20, 2013

NAB aims to 'footify' every Australian in new campaign

One reason to stay away from NAB, as they are 'forcing' you into a sport which, you may not necessarily support or even want to have ANYTHING to do with.

The banking elite at its best.

Corpau has posted a comment on the youtube video with the content:

"Brainwashing the morons"

It will be interesting if the so called 'Freedom of Speech', the corporatocracy follows.

For the record, Australian football is approaching a billion dollar industry.

It was created in the working class suburbs of Melbourne to keep the workers occupied, and focused away from the fraudulent dealings of the (corrupt) politicians. It was marketed under the name of the  VFL - Victorian Football League.

Its popularity flourished, and in a very well executed marketing campaign, the code went nationwide, with a name change to the AFL (Australian Football League).

See video posted on youtube at:

See comment that the NAB will probably NOT publish:

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