15 November 2010

PM mistaken for hausfrau by G20 hosts

GILLARD becomes Julia Von Trapp after South Korean artists put her in Austrian national dress.

News_Rich_Media: G20 SummitThere's a distinctly Von Trapp flavour to the Gillard effigy greeting visitors to the G20 world summit in downtown Seoul.

Perhaps underlining the perils of using Google to research national dress, Gillard stands proudly in dirndl costume, with one hand on her hip.

She also appears to be wearing Kumfs, or at the very least a pair of wide-fit Mary Janes that were designed with comfort, rather than fashion, in mind.

It's part Thunderbirds and part Team America - the movie hit written by the South Park creators that featured a marionette of North Korean despot Kim Jong-il throwing former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix into a tank of sharks.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is sporting a similar outfit to Gillard's, and also seems to have scored her red hair.

Unless that's actually Gillard's head on Merkel's body.

Read more of Samantha Maiden's PM as an Austrian hausfrau blog at The Australian

news.com.au 11 Nov 2010

As depicted by the illustration, Julia Gillard, nothing more, nothing less than a PUPPET

Julia Gillard was FRAUDULENTLY elected by the Labour Government in a series of BRIBES, in front of the world stage, to which there was NO call for a re election from the powerful mind shaping media moguls.

How fraudulently the two businesses work hand in hand.

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