15 March 2013

Young Australians are fat, oversexed and underemployed

YOUNG Aussies are overeating, oversexed and underemployed, a new national snapshot shows. 

Although Australia is a rich country, many young people are doing poorly, according to the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth report, to be released in Federal Parliament.

The research, titled Report Card: The Wellbeing of Young Australians, shows one in three young people is overweight or obese, one in six is not in employment or education, and the teenage pregnancy rate is well above the international average.

It also shows more than one in 10 young people suffers intense psychological distress, and one-quarter worry about family conflict.

But on the upside, many young people have somewhere to turn for support, are safer than they think they are, and 93 per cent have the internet at home.

ARACY board member, pediatrician Gervase Chaney said Australia was "not doing as well as we could in areas such as immunisation, childhood obesity and measures relating to child abuse and neglect".

"These are issues we can address and we need to," he said.

Since the first summary of how young people are faring was undertaken five years ago, the lives of many young Australians haven't improved, and in some areas have gone backwards.

The 2013 report, covering people from birth to age 24, shows one in six lives below the poverty line, 15 per cent are raised in jobless families and one in five feels unsafe at night.

Comparison with 33 OECD countries shows Australia is also not doing enough to stop young people from dying from preventable injuries, to prevent youth suicide and to vaccinate all babies.

Public Health expert Professor Fiona Stanley, AC, said rising rates of inequality across society were "driving the negatives and dulling the positives".

ninemsn.com.au  14 Mar 2013

Quite simply put, obesity is due to Trailer Park Trash eating mentality.

Junk food kings, the likes of McDonald's, KFC,  Hungry Jacks and Coca Cola Amatil are literally 'making a killing' on the loser Aussies who eat their carcinogenic 'food'.

Wherever there's a trash population the companies will flourish.

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