18 May 2013

Eddie McGuire to be awarded an honorary doctorate from RMIT University

Eddie McGuire

He is already a TV star, radio host and Collingwood president.

Today, Eddie McGuire becomes a doctor.

Almost 30 years after he dropped out of university to focus on his career as a TV reporter, McGuire will be awarded an honorary doctorate from RMIT University, making him a Doctor of Communications Honoris Causa.

Not bad for a bloke from Broadmeadows as proud of his past as the child of immigrant parents as his present status.

RMIT will deliver the honour in recognition of McGuire's achievements in media, entertainment, sport and community-based activities.

The doctorate makes him the fourth and final McGuire sibling to have a formal tertiary degree.

Long dubbed "Eddie Everywhere" for his seemingly endless resume and work ethic, McGuire told the Herald Sun he was particularly proud of the achievement.

"I'm absolutely humbled and I'm not being silly about that, to be recognised for contributions to communication, journalism and broadcast because that has been my life-long vocation since I was 13 and first started working for The Herald," he said.

"But more importantly, I hope this can continue to inspire people in Melbourne, kids that are first-generation or migrant kids that they have these wonderful institutions."

McGuire, also a Herald Sun columnist, Melbourne Stars Big Bash president and independent television producer, said Victorians needed to embrace education.

"We really need to continue to drive Melbourne, not only as the sports capital but as the knowledge capital of Australia.

"We need to make sure we continually push education. It is the key to the world," he said.

Having worked for years in print, radio and TV media, he said the doctorate was "on behalf of the journos in Melbourne" who were "passionate about the craft and believe that journalism has a role to play".

heraldsun 17 May 2013

What a pathetic joke.

A moronic puppet of the corporate media, given a 'honorary' doctorate.

This even degrades the value of an 'honorary' doctorate.

Looks like they'll give 'honorary' doctorates to anyone, even your neighbour's singing dog.

RMIT 'University' is not a real university, as it is the previously named Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, of  a lower standard, designed for those people who could not get into the 3 Universities, Melbourne, Monash or La Trobe.

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