26 August 2013

Casey chief executive Mike Tyler court case adjourned to October

 CEO court case adjourned again

CASEY residents face at least a two-month wait to find out whether Casey Council chief executive Mike Tyler breached the Local Government Act. 

Mr Tyler made a brief ­appearance at Dandenong Magistrates' Court on Thursday when his matter was adjourned until October 22 for contest mention.

Mr Tyler is charged with two counts of breaching the Local Government Act for allegedly failing to notify the mayor and the council of a conflict of interest.

If found guilty of both charges, he could face fines of more than $33,000.

The conflict of interest charges relate to an alleged secret out-of-court sexual harassment settlement with a single mother of two.

Solicitor Greg Elms from the Victorian Government Solicitor's Office told the court on Thursday the two parties had "some very encouraging discussions" and that there was value in ­another adjournment.

Mr Tyler was not required to enter a plea at the hearing. He is understood to be funding his own legal defence.

heraldsun.com.au 23 Aug 2013

Another fraud committed by 'local government'.

THE most corrupt offices are that of the local councils.

Local councils are illegal in every sense of the word.

Something the corporate media is not willing to expose.

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