16 January 2014

Australian Tax Office (ATO) is NOT a legal entity

In the corporate world of high dollar, white collar crime many deals are struck behind closed doors involving doctors, lawyers, police, politicians, judges and others which generally go unnoticed by the masses, and in certain instances information is deliberately withheld from the populous by the corporate 'crony' media.

Australia is a corporation set up in such a manner that corporate entities and businesses are supported by the tax paying general populous, to such a degree that a corporate structure can factually result in 0% tax paid, via registration in 'tax' havens, 'shelf' companies etc, actions which are deemed 'illegal' if done by the masses.

Court cases and rulings are invaluable tools, as not only are they 'legal', but also may set a precedence for other or similar cases, and can and are often used as reference for and by judges / magistrates, in the corporate places of business, trading or commerce commonly known as 'courts'.

From the 'print friendly' ATO the corporate spiel is as follows:
The role of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is to ensure the community has confidence in the administration of Australia's taxation and superannuation systems.
The taxation and superannuation systems are part of Australia's social and economic infrastructure. A major part of our administration of these systems is emphasising to the community the importance of willing and proper participation in underpinning nation building.
Our vision is that Australians value their tax and superannuation systems as community assets, where willing participation is recognised as good citizenship.
A major factor in achieving our goals is the way we align our strategies, planning and reporting. We integrate how we plan and deliver to ensure we use resources responsibly.
Our work is managed by our Executive and delivered through business and service lines. We work within important frameworks and models, such as the compliance model, integrity framework, Taxpayers' Charter and service standards. These are central to how we work.
We have some specific requirements for businesses and individuals who we procure goods and services from or who tender for our business. For organisations doing business with the ATO, our ABN number is 51 824 753 556.

ref:  http://www.ato.gov.au/printfriendly.aspx?url=/About-ATO/About-us/Contact-us/

Corpau has obtained documentation that states that the Australian Tax Office (ATO) ABN: 51 824 753 556 is NOT a legal entity.

The documentation is from the HIGH COURT of AUSTRALIA, Brisbane Office, lodged on the 1st day of March 2000. The plaintiff being IVAN GORSHKOV and the defendant Stephen Chapman (Deputy Commissioner of Taxation).


The document is as follows:


Unknown said...

About time !!! These criminals must face the wrath of the Australian people , Justice must be served . People need to get their hard earned cash returned with interest ,,,Heads must roll . The whole structure , government = corporation ,,Banking = private Zionist scum and friends , printing
our money illegally , then charging interest , They have been stealing our countries wealth , and our freedom with illegal debt . They are nothing but low life criminal scum . The wealth must be taken from their thieving hands , and returned to We The People of the Commonwealth Of Australia , The SOVEREIGN people of this nation .

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fuck yes... lets get this shit together and network to mobalize! its time people!... anyone who is knowledgable and/or experienced get in contact... we need to network!