29 May 2015

Courtroom Shenanigans – Spot the crime

In Australia’s court rooms, many a game is played between the parties involved, many a fraudulent decision is being made, many a police officer has (deliberately) provided false information and many a decision has been made based purely on hearsay.

In the following example, where names have not been mentioned in order to protect the criminal(s), but rather only their positions held, by all those of relevance to the matter.

The ‘natural’ persons are as follows:

JR – Judicial Registrar
TD – The Defendant
CJ – Court Jester (officially referred to as the Court Clerk)

CJ:          He is ‘presenting’ himself’ – referring to the defendant to the JR
JR:          How do you like to plea, guilty or not guilty?
TD:         I’d like to challenge the jurisdiction of the court
JR:          Sir, do you wish to plea guilty or not guilty?
TD:         I am putting a plea of ‘no plea’ in regards to..... (gets interrupted by the JR)
JR:          Okay... I am putting in a,  Well okay, if you’re not putting in a ... (get interrupted by TD)
TD:         Sorry I haven’t finished
JR:          No! Sorry, Yes you have!!!
TD:         No I haven’t... You stared to talk over me actually
JR:          Yes, because I run the court, Sir
JR:          Do you wish to plea guilty or not guilty
DD:         I would like to plea – no plea, court has no jurisdiction
JR:          As your plea is not entering a plea, the court will take it you are contesting the charge..
JR:          Matter withdrawn Sir, you are free to go.

Can you spot any problems?

Disclaimer: The preceding example could be fictitious and any similarity to any matter is purely coincidental.

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