25 May 2015

Grantham flood commission provided false report

On Sunday the 24th of May 2015, on the Australian program 60 minutes it was revealed that the commission into the flood which occurred in Grantham (approximately 100km west of Brisbane), Queensland in 2011, was (deliberately) prepared with false information into the cause of the flood.

Also it would be quite plausible for the interested parties to dismantle any evidence pertaining to the dam wall which was owned by Boral, that collapsed and cased the flood.

As a result the Australian people, especially the victims whose families lost 12 people in total should be pressing criminal charges against those who prepared the report, and the negligence of the company behind the 'flood'.

This is the extent of corruption with Australia's so called authorities, where even a commission's report is falsified.

How many other commissions or even Royal Commissions have falsified 'facts' in order to conceal corporate fraud, in support of the 'brotherhood'?

It this case it would be all about (insurance) liability in labeling the flood an act of 'God' as 'God' is not a 'legal' or 'natural' person therefore cannot be sued.

Read also article from the brisbanetimes.com.au (25 May 2015) below:

Flight logs show 2011 Grantham, Queensland floods man-made disaster

Grantham: 'this was no act of God'

A 60 Minutes report claims that a burst quarry wall caused the Grantham flood devastation and the Premier wants to ensure "residents get closure".

New evidence has emerged suggesting the monster floods that devastated Grantham four years ago was a man-made disaster that could have been avoided, 60 minutes reports.

Helicopter flight logs from the Nine News chopper add to a growing inventory of evidence that locals say was ignored by the commission set up to investigate the causes of the 2011 Queensland floods.

Grantham, in the Lockyer Valley, was described as a "war scene" and "completely and utterly devastated" by the January 10 flood that killed 12 people in the town of 300 residents.

Nick Cater speaking to <i>60 Minutes</i>. Nick Cater speaking to 60 Minutes.

Relying heavily on the expert evidence of hydrologists, the commission's final report concluded that the Grantham quarry wall might have lessened the impact of the floods.

But first-hand accounts from residents have long contradicted the commission's findings, claiming a powerful inland tsunami hit the town when the quarry burst.

The chopper's log supported eyewitness accounts as well as the findings of an independent report spearheaded by The Australian journalist Nick Cater.

Gratham inundated with water after monster floods in 2011. Gratham inundated with water after monster floods in 2011.

"The commission report got it flat wrong," Mr Cater told 60 minutes.

The commission concluded that a wall of flood water hit Grantham between 3.15 and 3.30pm, which fit the timeline of events that suggested the overflowing river upstream was the cause of the devastation.

But the Nine News chopper, which flew over the town in the Lockyer Valley and recorded the wall of water ripping through the town didn't leave Brisbane until 4.16pm.

Stills of video footage of Grantham after the floods. Stills of video footage of Grantham after the floods.

During that missing hour, water was building up behind the quarry wall up stream owned by concrete giant Wagners, according to Cater's report commissioned by The Australian.

The quarry stopped the water running its natural course along the river, forcing it to build up over the course of the hour, Cater said.

When the quarry burst it caused a giant inland tsunami that wiped out the town.

"It was man-made intervention. It was no act of god," Cater told 60 minutes.

"You can imagine it's like a dam bursting … this enormous volume of water taking everything in its path with tremendous force," Cater told 60 minutes.

"Whole houses demolished, one house exploded … nothing can survive," he said.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a second commission of inquiry into the Grantham flood earlier this month.

The second inquiry will investigate whether the landscape, including the quarry, contributed to the flood.
"Residents of Grantham and their Mayor Steve Jones have been calling for this inquiry and we have been listening," she told the Queensland House of representatives when she launched the inquiry.

"The people of Grantham have suffered through a horrific, terrifying, fatal event they deserve and require further closure.

"They are determined that the deaths of their friends and neighbours and family members on that day will not be in vain," she said.

The inquiry will run until August 31 to allow independent modelling to take place.

ref:  http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/flight-logs-show-2011-grantham-queensland-floods-manmade-disaster-20150525-gh8no2

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