24 May 2015

Federal cop will head welfare crackdown

Centrelink signage at the Yarra branch in Melbourne 
A senior federal police officer will be appointed to head a crackdown on welfare fraud. Source: AAP
A SENIOR federal police officer will be appointed to head a crackdown on welfare fraud. 

HUMAN Services Minister Marise Payne says the welfare fraud taskforce will focus on recovering money from those on income support payments like Newstart, Youth Allowance and pensions who have underestimated or lied about their income.

The government estimates the taskforce will recoup around $1 billion, she told News Corp Australia. "The department is bound by law to recover money where people have received more than they are entitled," she said. "This measure will allow the department to uncover overpayments, recoup debts and investigate deliberate welfare fraud."

news.com.au 24 May 2015

This 'sting' is targeting, people who are on Newstart, Youth Allowance or pensions, but totally omits one section of the population where the largest amount of fraud is committed, that being by politicians, and MP's who are on 'government welfare' packaged as a 'salary'.

While there is no doubt that there is a percentage of the community that does steal from the public's tax dollars, 100% of politicians and MP's are committing fraud where the victim is the general populace.

Politicians and MP's are supposed to be public servants, elected by the general population, representing the general population, but instead these people in office are part of corporations making laws solely for the financial benefit of their corporate brethren, contrary to 'good governance for the people'.

But since these people are part of the ruling criminal elite of Australia, supported by the 'brotherhood', it is very unlikely, that they will ever be prosecuted for fraud, corruption, etc.

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