24 May 2015

How to deal with a Ticket Inspector

In Melbourne, Victoria the 'public transport' system has been (unlawfully) sold off by a corporation conglomerate commonly referred to as the government.

As a result it is now owned by a foreign company and the government apparently has appointed 'authorised officers' to patrol the 'trans-port' system.

But under who's (lawfully enacted) authority?

Are they REALLY 'authorised?'

Under what lawfully enacted Acts does their 'authority' come from?

If you comprehend the real state of law in this country, you may come to the conclusion that Australia is 'lawless' and its people are subject to commercial / contractual agreements, with or without consent to the various corporations masquerading as 'government' entities.

In reality the 'ticket inspectors' on Melbourne's 'public transport' are thugs with low I.Q's just enough to follow orders without questioning.

Apparently their 'authority' comes from a 'badge' whatever that means!

Here is one commuter's dialog with a Ticket Inspector:

Ticket Inspector : may i see your myki card..
CE: are you a public servant to ask me that question ?
Ticket Inspector : yes i am under the transport act.
CE :that you for your honesty of admitting you are a public servant who serves the public and recognizing i am your master , i do not require your services today.
Ticket Inspector : Sir i have Authority to inspect your card...
CE : under what Authority ?
Ticket Inspector ( pulls out badge ) under the transport act i ha...
CE : you just made it clear you are a public servant , maybe you would like to admit you are a employee of a private owned business with a abn number instead ?
Ticket Inspector : I have Authority under.....
CE : I am sorry , a badge and a politicians scribble does not constitute Authority , Are you a public servant or a employee of a private owned company ?
Ticket Inspector : i am both under the transport act and...
CE : would you like to affirm that under the penalty of perjury and accept full commercial liability for attempting to contract me against my will into a commercial jurisdiction and that you are both a public servant and a employee of a private own company which itself is a criminal offense for misuse of public office and a statutory offense against the state for being ultra vires ??
Ticket Inspector : are you asking for Authority because i have just shown it to you ( shoving his shiny badge in my face again ) are you refusing to show me your card ?
CE : no , i am not refusing to show you my card , i am waiting for you to confirm that you are Authorized under the state of Victoria enacted by the proclaimed Commonwealth of Australia 1901 that is de jure.
Ticket Inspector : i do not understand what you are asking.
CE: neither do i.
Ticket Inspector : have a nice day.
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Unknown said...

I think that CE presented perfectly....
He whipped the scums asses....