17 August 2015

Job Network Providers scamming tax payers millions annually

The corporate media is very quick to jump on ‘dole bludgers’ or 'Centrelink cheats' but there is another scam going on for years that the ‘authorities’ are not acting on.

Why is that?

Is it because, it’s a market created where money for mates is concerned?

Are they deliberately turning a blind eye?

It is because it’s the Aussie tax payer, you know the ‘mums and dad’s’ money that they’re defrauding?

‘Job network providers’ are involved in a scam that is worth tens of millions of dollars annually.

So what’s a ‘job network provider’?

It’s a company that has been setup with access to Centrelink’s database, in order to provide the administrative tasks with regards to finding work for their enrolled customers, i.e. job seekers, just like a ‘commercial’ job agency.

But they told me they are Centrelink, is that true?

No, that is incorrect. They are not Centrelink. Anyone who tells you from the ‘provider’ that they are Centrelink, note there name and report them, as this is fraud.

So how are they doing it?

  • The companies are claiming that they provided a job for their client (in order to obtain money from Centrelink) where in reality the unemployed person found the job by themselves.

  • The companies are falsely ‘breaching’ the participant for not participating in an activity thereby saving the ‘business’ a day’s benefit for one breach.

Also, not really part of the legal term fraud, but rather a ‘money for mates’ cushy job, for the most part of it, they (the ‘job network providers’) are totally useless. Staff on ‘company' (read tax payer funds) time, surf the web for personal reasons, exchange ‘funny’ emails and many other ‘violations’ that if one would do in another place of business would result in dismissal.

Who are those companies doing the fraud?

The companies that we have been given information on are Break Thru People Solutions, MatchWorks, MAX Employment - MAX Solutions, just to name a few.

If you’re a ‘job seeker’ and you’ve been ‘had’ by these companies, document your dealings and report them, post your experience on the web, record them.

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