17 August 2015

The true meaning of the title Mr Ms Mrs or Miss

On just about all government correspondence or forms you may fill in, you are asked for your 'title' that being either Mr, Ms, Mrs or Miss and you tick the appropriate box without even a second thought.

Most people would not even have a clue what that means.

Some people may come out with the line that you are a non-combatant military officer, where the response would be that you are a 'conspiracy theorist' or that you need a 'tin foil' hat.

Well the information below is provided straight from the law books in Australia, namely the Style Manual, sixth edition from 2002, page 516 to be precise.

It states:

"In formal correspondence, officers in the armed are addressed by their rank, given name or initials, family name and any postnominals; thus, Rear Admiral Felix Liou, AO. In formal correspondence, officers of the rank of army lieutenant, navy sub lieutenant and air force flying officer and below are given the conventional titles (Mr, Ms, Mrs or Miss)..."

So which one are you?

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