19 August 2015

Why a 'parking fine' is unlawful

  • Have you ever been 'had' by a parking inspector?

  • Did you smell a rat when you were the proud recipient of a 'fine'?

  • Did you know that 'fines' are actually unlawful?

Ssshhhhh - The 'judicature' don't want you to know that - it'll EXPOSE their multimillion dollar scam!

Will the mainstream media report that ALL 'fines' are unlawful?

It's even written in a current Victorian (invalid) law, called the Local Government Act (1989) under:

Schedule 8,

2 (b)

        (ii) impose any tax or fee, or any fine, imprisonment or other penalty;

Ref: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/vic/consol_act/lga1989182/sch8.html

Is it really that simple?

  • Alert the person in front at the court of this.

  • If the so called 'magistrate' or whoever does not listen or dismiss the matter, remind them of a 'judicial review' coming up.

Remember: 3 strikes any they are out !!!

See the forms that are available from the Supreme Court at the link below:


Note: The actual validity of law / the Act is put aside.


Anonymous said...

I've posted a reply on House of Freeman. https://plus.google.com/110726133622139939719/posts/jHkW6Sz82oi

I'm not attempting to attract people to House of Freeman as we will promote your articles as much as possible, but I can better answer there about fines.

There are ways to step out of Shire-Council control.

Thanks for your works.

dodee said...

the local council doesnt necessarily fine you under the local government act, they are appointed as an authority under many other acts and fine you under them eg: POEO act, Food act, companion animals act etc...

Anonymous said...

@dodee. (Victoria specific) Yes Shire-Councils are one of many that are considered Enforcement Agencies. What that capacity gives is the ability to claim compensation for infringement proceeds.

Unknown said...

so which section for other states