Sunday, January 29, 2017

Australian Government blocks access to Noosa Magistrates Court video

The buffoons, haters of the people and of free speech in the corporation conglomerate known as the 'Australian Government' have forbidden Australia's herd population to view a video on YouTube of the title Noosa Magistrates Court, see attached screen capture below.

This video has been actually deleted from YouTube before, but currently still resides at the address:

but you cannot (allegedly) view it from YouTube's Australian address, i.e.

Naturally there are ways around this, as an example; 

- one can mask their IP address that indicates that the computer user is from another country,
- or one can type in ("simples")

Another totally useless action brought to you by the (I.T. outsourced?) morons working for the 'Australian Government'.

So, how much did this USELESS action cost the Australian tax slave population?