Friday, February 3, 2017

PM Malcolm Turnbull another cheat in office

There is so much 'misbehaviour' from the people in the office of the executive that it isn't funny but rather criminal.

To the average Joe Blow it's all too hard to deal with, where footy and beer are more comforting and less confrontational, or maybe the mentality is that it doesn't effect him.

But in reality it does effect the "little people" and if the little people do not get off their arse and take action, the criminals in government will keep on getting away with their criminal actions.

We say Australia's current PM is "cooking the books".

When the plebs don't show their 'books' they get penalised, but no such 'law' applies to the executive.

Let's look at a couple of real life examples;

If a pleb is on the dole, this pleb must fill in a diary that they are looking for work. If the diary is not filled in then the pleb gets penalised, something called a breach, where it is quite a severe financial penalty in comparison [in terms of percentage] to the welfare payment given.

If a member of the herd populace say an accountant or a voluntary tax paying customer of the ATO (Australian Tax Office) "cooks the books" (i.e. puts in false information) then they get penalised and maybe even a criminal record, and as an accountant most likely will lose their licence.

So what happens to the head of an organisation, say the PM of Australia Malcolm Turnbull if he does not fill in the diary which he is supposed to?

Long winded response; Nothing.

It 'seems' like the law makers are above any criminal laws that apply to the plebs.

Apparently the 'authorities' also tell the plebs "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear" where that rule does not apply to them.

China got it wrong when they said Australia was once roamed by "rascals and outlaws", it still is but this time they're in government.

Australia's government swamp really needs to be drained.

We say that the criminals in government never (never say 'never', but in this case we will, as it involves the actions of the herd population) need to fear, as the people will do nothing about it.

See article from 23 Jan 2017 by of the headline:

Turnbull withholds diary from day-one as PM



Article from 1 Feb 2017 by of the headline:

Malcolm Turnbull refuses to details his donations to the Libs despite transparency call


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