Sunday, January 29, 2017

Australia's Orwellian Internet censorship policy

So you reckon you;

  • live in a 'lucky country' - been listening to too many government propaganda programs, have we?

  • live in the 'world's most livable city' (Melbourne) - not with the African migrant's crime spree in full force.

  • are a 'freeman on the land' - PMSL, ROTFLMAO, etc, etc.

  • live in a 'democracy' - you have zero idea about politics or law.

  • live in colony of the British empire - you're getting on the right track.

Well this lucky democratic free 'Straya the people live in has some of the Western world's most restrictive Internet policies.

Well, that's what you get for living in a colony.

Here's what the OpenNet Initiative has to say in it's opening words on Australia and New Zealand:

"Australia maintains some of the most restrictive Internet policies of any Western country and over the past two years has taken steps toward a nationwide mandatory Internet filtering scheme. Its neighbor, New Zealand, regulates the Internet considerably less rigorously. Australia’s constitution does not explicitly give the right to free speech,1 and in fact contains a clause giving the Australian government ‘‘communications power,’’ allowing it to regulate ‘‘postal, telegraphic, telephonic, and other like services,’’ including the Internet.2 A number of state and territorial governments in Australia have passed legislation making the distribution of offensive material a criminal offense, as the constitution does not afford that power to the national government.3"

You can download the ONI report on Australia and New Zealand from:

You can also compare Australia to other countries like Ukraine or Israel or example.

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