Thursday, February 2, 2017

30 dodgy Labour member's dodgy house address

You can literally bet your tax dollar that when it comes to Australia's executive, if you dig a little (doesn't have to be deep) you'll find some kind of activity, be it fraud, deception or various other forms or derivatives of the common law crime of theft.

Let's put aside for one moment that belonging to a political party, according to the law (read An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia) is a no-no.

You see the corporation conglomerate known as the government has been caught out many times in registering "official" government departments under dodgy business names or even other people's private home addresses, only later to cover up their tracks by even deleting the records.

So what are these dodgy members up to?

Well... they all (allegedly?) live is this dump.

That's right, at 11 Lever St. Coburg, 3058 Victoria Australia.

"Oh those poor 30 people living in such a squalor..." you belch mindlessly,
"... maybe we should give them more money?"

Maybe the herd population 'should' wake up and take action against people in office committing  criminal offences?

Fear not ye ol' "rascals and outlaws" ( a description given by the Chinese government of people in Australia) in office, the herd population does not give a damn and most likely will never do anything about it.

Do you know who is the highest authority of law on this land?

Post your answer in the comments section.

(We acknowledge that the Faifax media publication has posted about this address in Nov 2015)