Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australian Government's dodgy motto - Reveal Their Secrets - Protect Our Own

Now we wouldn't want to accuse the corporation conglomerate called the 'Australian Government' as being dodgy, as a fate worse than ASIO awaits us, that's right, the wrath of 'facebook' lawyers.

You see the age old legal maxim of the burden of proof is on the claimant prevails, and ye ol' facebook 'lawyers' who are really online legal studies students wanting you to back your claims up with case law, so that they can hand in their homework as a result of your hard earned labour.

But alas we digressed and we deserve a couple of case law pdfs deleted.

So what do these 'persons' in the Australian Government do again?

Well, lets take a lookie at a so called 'government' department called the Australian Signals Directorate.

As you can see from the above screen capture from their website, they claim that they reveal others secrets while protecting their (the ASD's?) own.

So, lets imagine how they could 'reveal' others secrets.

The ASD (Australian Signals Directorate) could hack into a company's or government's computer systems.

As the peasants should be aware, hacking is an illegal / criminal action..

Once the ASD has hacked into your computer system, they could then take the information from your computer system to their computers.

Now that would be a 'common law' crime of stealing or breach of copyright, as we all know how Hollywood is very cranky about.

Imagine if the ASD stole your IP (not Internet Protocol silly, but something a lot worse, your Intellectual Property), you could then sue them for millions.

James Bond has a licence to kill, but what do you get from the ASD?

That's right you get a "Licence to Hack" from a business called the 'Australian Government'.

Is the application form on the side of a packet of corn flakes?

So you have a 'licence' to commit criminal activity from a business.

Let's make this nice and easy for the simple folk;

It's like you walking into McDonald's logging into their wifi and them giving you their permission to hack Hungry Jacks.

Sounds lawful, right?

So if/when you get hacked by the ASD do you reckon they'll give you the name of their employee who committed the criminal activity against you?

Can you really trust the actions / laws of the 'Australian Government' to be 'lawful' and in line with a document called the 'Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act'?

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