Sunday, January 22, 2017

Australians waiting on hospital list up to 6 years for refugee priority

There are many dodgy policies and actions by the Australian Government that deliberately are not reported by the mainstream media.

A recent article (on cleaning out Melbourne's streets of the homeless) by the Herald Sun publication stated that the publication "can reveal" that a bylaw is being passed by the Melbourne City Council.

Are laws passed in secret that the publication cannot 'reveal', where it can only do so upon the approval of that business entity?

Aren't 'lawful' laws supposed to be passed by the parliament of the said state, where they are debated a few times and the public can sit in?

If it sounds dodgy then it most likely is; with reference to this 'bylaw' that gets rid of the homeless.

Hard working Australians, tax payers who have paid their dues to society where they also provided wages for people in parliament, the underprivileged, people on social welfare as a result of being unemployed due to foreigners taking their jobs,  are being treated by their policy / law makers as third class 'citizens' (technically Australians are not citizens, as Australia is still under a monarchy, where the people are 'subjects'), to make way for refugees.

A hospital source has passed on information with regards to a government enacted policy treating Australian patients.

The source stated that Australians are put on a waiting list for treatment which can initially blow out from 12 months to 3 years, which in a lot of cases leaves people waiting for up to six years, where top priority is given to refugees, thereby putting Australian lives at risk.

It is with actions like this that it seems that the policy makers in government really despise the Australian public, or there may be something that the herd population has done to the policy makers that deserves the masses to be f'cked over by their government.

The people in the Australian government import scum for whichever corners of the world under the refugee banner, where the criminal element is imported into Melbourne (as opposed to Canberra).

On a side note these refugees could be as a result of the Australian military bombing their country.

The 'refugees' then commit violent assaults on the Australian masses, 'common law' theft, dangerous driving that shuts down the West Gate bridge, only to have magistrates free them to commit further criminal actions against the public.

These people also get priority to Australia's health care system, while Australians rot on the sidewalks.

On the other side of the (injustice) scales a man gets (unlawfully - by a 'star chamber') incarcerated for 'arguing' with a magistrate, posing NO DANGER to the community.

NEVER forget that the people in government make laws for "peace, order, and good government".

There is no need to be concerned, nor to take any sort of action as there is footy and beer aplenty.

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Paris Kalachnikov said...

Was unaware of the medicinal potency of beer and footy... Cricket must then be a contraceptive Mmm