Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mainstream media conveniently omits Rothschild's name in articles?

Damn those 'conspiracy theorists' and damn those peasants with 'puters!

You see Australia is a 'lucky country' and as a democracy is run by the most honest government on the planet.

Australians having the right to the social security / welfare system are treated with respect by the governing body where all forms of communications are honest and all lawful.

The people in the corporate media are literally the most honest bunch out there.

They report racism the way it really is. The court reporters accurately report how a person from the masses can nullify any fine by showing that literally no valid laws exit.

Now back to reality and enough of the day dreaming.

Australia's 'executive' has a few problems that deliberately do not make it out into the mainstream media, where one of them is that there has not been any valid appointment for Australia's Governor- General for quite some time, but that topic is for the courts silly, with a binder or two of supporting documentation.

Another issue is in relation to the global financial giant the Rothschild's where actual figures of the family's wealth are hidden from reports, downplayed or even delegated to conspiracy theories.

In early 2017 the mainstream media reported on an unfortunate freak accident where Ben Cowen was killed while paragliding.

To the cattle population the surname might not ring any bells.

But to the Jewish community it is an illustrious surname, where it makes the grand entrance as the 19th Governor-General of Australia in office from 8 Dec 1977 - 29 Jul 1982.

Sir Zelman Cowen's son Ben is the founder of the retail store Anaconda.

During the mainstream media's write up on Ben's death, the Herald Sun publication (from 11 Jan 2017) mentions that Ben began his career as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer with Corrs and as an investment banker with Deutsche, Rothschild and Gresham before moving into entrepreneurship.

The Herald Sun from an article published on the 9th of January does not mention that he was an investment banker with Deutsche, Rothschild and Gresham, only stating "Mr Cowen, a father of three, trained as a lawyer before a career in investment banking."

An article from The Age publication on the 10th of January also does not mention that he was an investment banker with Deutsche, Rothschild and Gresham, only stating "He sold out of the chain in the late 2000s and founded Edison Partners, a boutique advisory firm, where he specialised in mergers and acquisitions.".

The Geelong Advertiser from the 10th of January also did not state that he worked as an investment banker with Deutsche, Rothschild and Gresham, only stating "The entrepreneur and community leader trained as a lawyer before beginning a career in investment banking".

Damn! One out of four surveyed articles mentions the Rothschild's name, possibly not even enough for a 'conspiracy theory'. Oh well, back under the tin foil hat we go.

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