Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Governments using the virus distraction to enact dodgy law

This is what happened in [the colony of] New Zealand:

What dodgy (draconian) law has been put in place in your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

5G – The new kid on the block will give up a more precise location.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Aussies conned with COVID app, next phase of global surveillance already in action


Australian taxpayers (you know the hard working ‘mums and dads’) have been hoodwinked out of their tax dollars for a government scam where a stock standard ‘money for mates’ deal occurred, that being the production of Australia’s COVIDSafe app.

The app even though being heavily advertised, is totally useless in its function, as mentioned by the mainstream media a while ago, where the app is realistically not necessary at all, as the core functions of tracking have already been implemented by the world’s smart phone duopoly, i.e. Apple and Google into their operating system updates.

A reminder that in order to obtain a SIM card, Australian mobile telecommunications ‘consumers’ must provide personally identifiable documentation, such as a driver licence, social security or medicare identification to use a registered SIM for whatever internet connected device one is using, be it feature/smart phone, tablet or 3G/4G/5G router.

Now, your internet connected device together with its IMEI and IMSI creates a unique device (different from browser) ‘fingerprint’ tied to your person’s name where it travels with you wherever you and your device go both physically and virtually (on the internet).

This information can be read by app manufacturers and also Google and Apple who then pass this information to various entities, that’s why there is a HUGE push towards ‘apps’, as your smartphone generates much more data (e.g. light conditions, barometric pressure, Satellite / telecommunication tower aided location just to name a few)  than a security conscious configured personal computer.

While this information gathering technique is old news, and literally stored since day one there is a new addition of parameters that is being used against you.

In the US the mainstream media has announced that Google already passes on user location information for governments to ascertain ‘social-distancing’ rules for whatever reasons.

Google has embedded a ‘feature’ into its proprietary version of Android, where its purpose is to track you more accurately via something called Wi-Fi scanning in addition to GPS and mobile tower triangulation data easily obtainable from your smart phone, which can then be passed on to whatever TLA (Three Letter Agency) asks for it, WITHOUT any warrant whatsoever.

In addition to this now many Bluetooth enabled apps require you to also enable location services for no technical reason for the accessory to function, but rather to track you more accurately.

As to whether the COVIDSafe app was created to gauge the herd population’s subservience is another matter altogether where there is ZERO technical reason for it to exist.

NOTE: The 'Australian Government' promised to release to source code to the app.
- Where is it?

Australia(n people),  you’ve been had BIG TIME !!! !!! !!!

Saturday, May 23, 2020 App - Do NOT download it!

Currently Australian television airwaves are littered with messages urging people to conduct an action in business/trade/commerce with the Rupert Murdoch media empire.

The empire needs you to purchase their app for viewing their content online.

There is ZERO benefit for you the user (or rather product/data generator) to purchase their app, but PLENTY of benefit to Mr. Murdoch's empire, enriching him further from the fruits of your labour data.

You should be aware that you can view the empire's 'content' on your smartphone (or other internet connected device) WITHOUT purchasing their app, by simply using a web browsing app.

A better solution that would protect your privacy a bit more would be using a privacy centric browser with a VPN where the exit node would be a country other than Australia.

So, why do they need you to purchase their app?

Well, this video should give you a bit of background as to why:


Currently at the time of this writing, a browser stops the following trackers:

When the app is used, this content along with other PERSONALLY identifiable information will be available to Mr. Murdoch's business, which he will not even thank you personally for.

Now that's nasty.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Government removing documents forcing to purchase app instead

People should comprehend that apps can (and many do) contain ‘malicious’ code which can be detrimental to the user’s (and their contacts) privacy and security.

With regards to the so called novel coronavirus, the mainstream media has demonised people who, for whatever reasons, do not wish to download the Australian Government’s COVID-19 app.

They coined the term “anti-appers” with the understating that it is analogous to “anti-vaxxers” also stating that it is as dangerous, where the claim is erroneous.

Since the advent of the novel coronavirus many have referred to historical documentation regarding viruses, death statistics and how government deals with for example the flu, etc, where the bulk of the information is in a document format called a pdf (Portable Document Format) file, which is totally independent of any mobile or personal computer platform.

So, if one does not download the (currently non disclosed source code) government COVID app, then they’ll extract the information they require another way.

They will remove the pdf files you seek, where the ONLY way to obtain the information, is to ‘purchase*’ the app, once again a closed source program, NOT open to public scrutiny, as it should be.

Remember the saying “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”?

So,  show ‘us’ the source code to the apps that you want us to purchase.

After all WE (the taxpayers) paid for those apps where we have EVERY right to know what the app is doing to OUR hardware.

'Forcing' persons to purchase (government) apps is part of the nanny state agenda.

* Purchase – The purchase of an app may be gratis, but you DO pay for it in other ways, where mostly you provide information to the app store and the developer which is used to generate profit for both entities.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Google installs COVID-19 services WITHOUT your consent

If you don't download the Australian Government's COVID-19 app onto your smart phone, voluntarily, you'll get screwed another way, by the world's largest 'influenza'..

So, according the law of this colony, apparently all actions with regards to the novel coronavirus are to be done WITH your CONSENT.

In this globalist's 'digital economy' corporations do NOT give you a choice with respect to certain products, where like in this case above you get 'forced' to use the 'service' that they are providing or you do not use it all.

'Google Services' is a software suite that essentially is loaded up on all Android phones, irrespective of manufacturer which gives them the ability to communicate with the outside world.

With the latest update of Google Apps with the date of 16-May-2020, Google have decided to include a package which notifies on COVID-19.

While this may sound great, this is an action that you the 'consumer' (or is it the 'data generator' or rather the product) does not have a choice to opt out of, an action that is against Australian consumer law.

So, corporations are allowed to break the law, right?

Don't forget current Australian Government advertising states that you are protected by the law (LOL).

Facebook also requires you to act against Australian law, but this is not 'entertained' by the legal profession nor subject to scrutiny by the mainstream media.

China, eat your communism out! 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Plandemic Pt1 Judy Mikovits

See video: (1920x1080, 25m52s, 619MB):

Edit: As of 16-May-2020 at approx 17:00 the reference to the video which was posted above has been removed.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Falsifying coronavirus report


We’ve obtained information from a source that would provide information to us on the strict condition of anonymity with regards to the so called (novel coronavirus) pandemic.

The Channel 9 News team from Melbourne was sent out to a premises to report on the topic of the virus.

The news team then went on to ask the people who were to be interviewed to stage the premises to follow a narrative as dictated by the news team.

The people involved were almost floored with the request.

While the above information may seem sparse, not giving away too much where many comments by people may be directed to stating a where/what/who scenario otherwise it is not true, it is purposely done so.

In many instances news corporations selectively edit or even twist the events that they cover, where there is a misrepresentation to the general population, a misrepresentation that suits an agenda that has been passed down from higher up.

Unfortunately for the people there has been a lot of false information passed down to them regarding the so called virus, and most surprisingly, it’s not from sources many think it may be.

Monday, May 11, 2020

"Land of the Free" not so free, Phone OS choice

In ‘pop culture’ this propaganda phrase it used a lot where realistically there should be a lawsuit for ‘false advertising’ but then again motion pictures and TV series are not ‘reality’.

Irrespective of who coined the phrase or where it was deliberately put in to brainwash the commoners, its initial meaning where “men are free here to do whatever they wish” is absolute bollocks.

So, let us get out of the 1800’s and into the 2010’s and beyond, in the United States and see how “men are free here to do whatever they wish” with regards to their smartphone.

With regards to the governance of this one world, countries and its people are put into categories classified as inanimate objects without a soul called ‘markets’.

Smartphone manufacturers can produce a product with different internals for different markets according to the government guidelines of that market.

So, the government of the United States is telling its war funding slaves that they are not “free” to choose whatever operating system they want on their phone, but rather must stick to whatever the factory installation which could include ‘nasty’ software that is detrimental to one’s privacy or security of the contents of that device, where that software is proprietary and there is no way a user can check the code to check for any harmful activity.

Consumers have been deliberately given a duopoly to choose from when it comes to smartphone operating systems from the ‘factory’, that being Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Apple have locked their hardware to its iOS operating system, where a ‘jailbreak’ only opens up the operating system to custom programs (apps).

Some Android preloaded smartphone users are ‘lucky’ (no luck there really as it’s ‘market’ dependent) enough to be able to run less data sieving versions of Android, where Google’s ‘services’ are kept to a minimum, where this procedure is called unlocking.

Another technical term used in the Android community is called rooting (the phone), which no doubt raises a chuckle from Australians as this is a colloquial term for sexual intercourse.

So, in reality you do not need to root (both in the Android and Aussie context) your phone, for a more secure and open source version of Android.

Samsung is another large phone manufacturer that exports phones to the U.S. and without going into technical details, as this is not the purpose of this post, it exports a specially designed phone which cannot be unlocked to accept another version of Android.

So, man cannot be ‘free’ do install whatever OS he wants in the land of the ‘free’.

NOT very ‘free’ is it?

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Writ of Summons against the Australian Government re:Coercive Vaccination Policies

Please find the following remarks from social media regarding the posting of the matter below:

FB has deleted this post 4 times now! Apparently it's against their 'truth' is against their policy!!!
Share everywhere you can on other to everyone too!
High Court of Australia case coming up...against govt vaccination coercion and to seek damages for vaccine injury. .Get behind this wonderful man Solihin Millin and SHARE this with everyone!!!
Just so you know, I have a case in the High Court of Australia against the Australian Government Coercive Vaccination Policies. Current status is an Appeal against what I regard as a fundamentally unfounded judgement by Justice Gordon. Here are two of the documents. One is the current Appeal Case M31/2020 successfully filed and the other is the original Case M18/2020 also successfully filed. Personally I feel highly optimistic that the Appeal will be successful. It's in 'a queue' waiting to be heard, hopefully in a month or two by the High Court. The current loss of legal and human rights through this false Covid19 Panic Demic and looming mandatory vaccination makes these cases even more important than ever. I'm sure the High Court Judges, being Mums and Dads and intelligent human beings will welcome the chance to address these shocking issues of loss of rights via a case in the High Court of Australia. All of this can only happen through the Grace of Almighty God


Filed within the High Court of Australia;


Form 23 with Part V1 Annexure:

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Reports hidden from Australians?

Transparency by the government of the colony called Australia is NOT a priority, especially when it comes to data that may be shown to be harmful to the general population, then it becomes 'hidden' under the label of it's not in the interest of the public to obtain this information.

In this case we are on the topic of electromagnetic energy emitted by telecommunications towers.

'Australia' has left its federation and departments of the state far behind in favour of a corporatocracy (that's just an opinion, others may say it's a totalitarian or fascist state) hidden in a tangled web of deceit, where the so called government or administrative body is known affectionately as a corporation aggregate.

Data now is BIG BUSINESS and everyone wants a slice of your data that you generate within this 'digital economy', where if you want something from 'them' they do NOT make it easy for you.

An organisation called the Community Broadcasting Community of Australia (CBAA), currently on its website recommends that you obtain information pertaining to electromagnetic energy reports from another entity called the Radio Frequency National Site Archive (RFNSA), as seen in the screen capture above.

The RFNSA has produced its website in such a manner that 'professors' (in I.T. of course) would find it difficult to extract information from, let alone the 'Average Joe' Aussie.

So along comes a very kind man, who devotes his (precious) time and cash to a good cause for the community in proving the data from RFNSA in a palatable format with pretty pictures that the Average Joe Aussie can digest.

But as we know in this colony, data is not for everyone, so the RFNSA has made it difficult for 'very kind man' to compile the data and present it to the community.

As a result his project has grinded to a halt, as seen in his response on a popular Australian forum:

A truly sad sign of the times for transparency.

The federal government locking down its colony.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Samsung patches a critical exploit its smartphones had since 2014

In this week's Security update, Samsung fixed a security flaw relating to how the company's Android skin handles the custom image format Qmage (.qmg files). Support for the format with the bug present has been available on all of the South Korean giant's smartphones since 2014.

The exploit was discovered (via ZDNet) by security researcher Mateusz Jurczyk at Google's Project Zero team of security analysts, who are tasked with finding zero-day vulnerabilities on a wide range of products.

As explained by Mateusz, the issue stems from an Android library named Skia that handles the loading and displaying of various image formats, including the aforementioned Qmage. How it handles Qmage can be exploited by sending MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages to a Samsung device, which are received by Samsung's Messages app.

The MMS messages would first try to discover the position of the phone's Skia library, then deliver a Qmage file which can execute code by the attacker, on the device in question, without any user interaction required.

Mateusz notes that the process takes around 100 minutes, depending on factors such as how fast the user's GSM signal is, the amount of messages already on the device, and if Wi-Fi is enabled or not.

As for what the hacker gains after a successful attack, in the case of how Mateusz did it, it's full access to Samsung Messages, which means private user information such as call logs, contact list, microphone, storage access, messages and more.

Samsung patched the bug in its May 2020 security update, after Mateusz discovered it and reported it to the South Korean company in February.

Smartphones from other companies don't appear to be impacted by the exploit, as Samsung is the only company to support the custom Qmage format, which itself was developed in Samsung's home country of South Korea.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Australians ripped off on smartphone technology

Australians as in the tax paying population of the colony, are being ripped off with regards to the technology available to them compared to other 'markets' around the world.

There are many factors to take into consideration as to why manufacturers do not offer their full spectrum of products to the colonial 'consumers', which are not discussed in this post.

Smartphone manufacturers have been for quite some time appealing to the 'warm and fuzzy' nostalgic feeling of the phones of yesteryear, packaging them up with modern tech and charging the price of a kidney in some countries.

As an example Apple have raided their spare parts bin (literally) and came up with a 'new' phone called the iPhone SE (2020), with literally the same dimensions as its 3year old iPhone 8.

Just because they made it doesn't mean you should buy it, which holds true with the 'new' iPhone SE (2020), but that's another topic in itself.

Motorola jumped on the nostalgia bandwagon, with the release of the Razr, where Australia's popular retail store JB Hi-Fi sells it for $2,699 as seen on their website current at the time of this post:

Over the colonial seas in other 'markets' Motorola offers the same phone for a two for one price deal, for an outlay of $1500.

Taking into consideration that the above price is in currency from the (alleged) 'land of the free', where one (colonial) Australian dollar purchases 0.64 of a freeman's(?) dollar then the equivalent  2,335 and a bit Kangaroo dollars buys you two Moto Razrs over the seas.

Without going into the 'economics', exchange rates, policies etc, Aussies are getting ripped off with regards to many products that are imported from overseas, where the government reaps in a significant amount in tax dollars.

Once a slave in the colony, always a slave.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Government laughing stock, their COVID-19 app useless

The people within the Australian Government have put a huge emphasis on the plebs to purchase* their COVID-19 app.

The government has even used bribe tactics, saying that “If you want to go to the pub, download the COVID-19 app”

Source: Supplied

Even though their own legislation states quite the opposite, Section 9 “Coercing the use of COVIDSafe” in illustration:

How can you trust the government with such monumental fails.

In the 'real world', e.g. the I.T industry the people responsible (in this case the ‘Australian Government’) for a failure like this would be sacked from their job, most likely never to work in the industry again, but as we know this colony is a very special place where politicians get rewarded for their incompetence. 

Apparently at the time of this post, there are over 4 million downloads of the app.

* purchase – even though you download an app for zero dollars you commit to an action in business/commerce/trade, where the 'cost' of this transaction is you handing over information to the app developer (e.g. gov) which is commercialised on.