11 November 2010

Wireless Router NOT needed for Wireless Internet

The current trend in the mass media / electronics industry is the VIGOROUS promoting of over inflated priced gadgets for wireless Internet, compared to a wired home connection.

The products the BIG 4 telcos ( Telstra, Optus/Virgin, 3, Vodafone) advertise are a wireless (Wifi enabled) 3G router like the "3" badged Huawei 3G router.

The advertising spiel is that it enables you to connect you laptop (or up to 3 wireless devices at the same time to it) gaining an Internet connection.

These modems can sell for as much as $200 outright plus additional cost for data plans.

What Mr. Joe Average may NOT be aware of is that one of the most common portable communication devices is ALSO capable of wireless Internet connectivity, for probably a cheaper cost.

Technology for example from 2005 in the shape of a Nokia 6280
ref: http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_6280-1199.php
is fully capable of connecting your Pocket PC, laptop, PC or Palm Pilot (via Bluetooth) wirelessly to the Internet via 3G / 2G.

Most people have bluetooth enabled mobile phones, and currently MOST telecoms providers in Australia give 1GB of data on a $29 recharge which is valid for 1 month.

Another underutilised resource available to EVERYONE, without purchasing overpriced consumer electronics.

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