24 May 2012

Centrelink fraud against pensioners

The corporate media is very reluctant to report on how government organisations  operate to defraud the general populous.

Instead when reports of fraud are out in the open, stories unfold of how ‘individuals’ are the corrupt ones, and NOT the people who stand behind them.

The corporate media is quick to report that a (for example) Mr. John Citizen is falsely registered under a couple aliases to falsely claim benefits, that have cost the taxpayers (for example) $50,000, but when the government defrauds the populous of hundreds of millions, there is an eerie media silence.

The corporate media is a government propaganda machine, that is purely subservient to the current political power.

When governments choose to operate fraudulently against the general populous, the target is well chosen. Targets that cannot fight back are usually on the hit list.

Information has been obtained by corpau, that the government via Centrelink is defrauding Australian pensioners of millions of dollars.

Centrelink has put in a policy to ‘apparently’ aid pensions, by forcing them to disclose their working history abroad, in order for the pensioner to obtain an additional pension to their current Australian pension.

When all the paperwork has been completed, and the pensioner receives a pension from overseas, Centrelink deducts from the Australian pension.

Centrelink threatens pensioners, that if they do not disclose their overseas work history, the pensioners Australian pension will be terminated.

Australia’s fascist government at work.

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