21 May 2012

Federal MPs wait for Thomson statement

Federal MP Craig Thomson is likely to proclaim his innocence and ask his peers to leave judgment of the allegations against him to the courts when he addresses parliament.
Mr Thomson is expected around noon (AEST) on Monday to make a statement about the findings of a Fair Work Australia (FWA) investigation report into his time as national secretary of the Health Services Union.
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The member for the NSW seat of Dobell, who is suspended from the Labor party, believes some of the more scandalous findings in the report are the result of a conspiracy by enemies determined to end his political career.
These include the finding that he used a union credit card to pay for $5000 in escort services.
Mr Thomson has said the investigation denied him natural justice, failed to interview key witnesses and relied on flawed information when it found he contravened workplace law and union rules 156 times.
Government whip Joel Fitzgibbon expects Mr Thomson to make a comprehensive statement.
"[He'll say] he's been a good Labor member doing good work in his constituency and that he should be left alone to continue to carry out his responsibilities as a parliamentarian," he told ABC Radio.
"He'll no doubt continue to proclaim his innocence [and argue] that his innocence or otherwise should be determined by normal legal processes, and not the politically charged House of Representatives-cum-kangaroo court."
Opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne says Mr Thomson's statement has to pass the truth test.
"He needs to be entirely honest to the parliament about the findings of the Fair Work Australia report," Mr Pyne told reporters in Canberra.
If not, there were actions the parliament could take.
"The greatest sanction the parliament can levy is to suspend a member of parliament," Mr Pyne said, noting it had happened on three previous occasions.
When Mr Thomson gets to his feet in the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be 15,000km away at a NATO summit in Chicago.
Ms Gillard has already told reporters covering the event she won't comment while abroad.
"I'm not engaging with these matters half a world away," she said.
Independent MP Tony Windsor doesn't expect Mr Thomson's statement will undermine the agreement he made with Labor to support the minority government after the 2010 election.
"I won't be making judgments one way or the other on what he says, unless he admits to everything that's in the report and admits to a whole range of offences," he told ABC Radio, adding that this was highly unlikely.
ACTU secretary Dave Oliver said his main concern was to ensure HSU members received justice.
"I am very concerned about the events that are happening both inside parliament and outside parliament, the way that this has been treated," he told reporters in Melbourne.
"That, you know, it may impinge or taint the judicial process which should allow HSU members to ... see justice."
Mr Thomson is expected to name HSU official he believes mounted a conspiracy against him.

heraldsun.com.au  21 May 2012

Another fraudulent and corrupt Member of Parliament that has made the spotlight, but a mere drop in the ocean.

There are many more corrupt personnel that are payed for by public funds that are NOT exposed.

Thomson will make false statements, and will NOT be charged, nor prosecuted for fraud.

Just another slap in the face for the general populous that the untouchables are TRULY untouchable.

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