24 May 2012

Drowned chef's friends 'will suffer entire lives'

Friends of a young Victorian chef who drowned after jumping off a pier say they will suffer for the rest of their lives after pressuring him to take the fatal plunge.

The body of 26-year-old Jerrem Edwards was found by police washed up on the shore near the Frankston pier, south of Melbourne, at 6am, more than four hours after he went missing during the late-night swim.
A friend of the man, who identified herself as Sheree, told Nine News the group had been singing karaoke at a local pub before deciding to go for a swim at the pier.
Mr Edwards had wanted to stay in the car but the group convinced him to go with them, even though he told them he was not able to swim.
"I said to him he should live day by day, have a bit of fun and do something spontaneous. Pretty much forced him to come down with us," she said.
"I could've been the sober one in the group to say 'no, this is a silly idea'… but instead we convinced him to do it."
A friend named Mel told reporters the group would have to live with Mr Edwards' death for the rest of their lives.
"We lost a friend because of a stupid accident and now the rest of us will suffer for the rest of our lives, our entire lives, because he's gone."
One of the chef's friends climbed down a ladder to try reach him, but he was washed away under the pier.
Frankston Police Sergeant Martin McLean told reporters the young man's death was tragic.
"I'm unsure as to how good he was at swimming, but I suppose it's a timely reminder to people that alcohol and the water don't mix,'' he said.

24 MAy 2012

Another example of morons mixing alcohol with water, this time effecting the life of another. Pure and absolute trailer park trash.

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