Saturday, October 28, 2017

BlackBerry KEYone at JB Hi-Fi but should I buy it?

ANY business will tell you (the consumer) to purchase a product, as that's why they're in business for, to make maximum profits.

An online forum (you know, a 'business'), which has taken over BlackBerry's tech support, will no doubt be pushing you, the consumer, to purchase the 'new' BlackBerry KEYone Android device.

BlackBerry no longer manufactures phone, where that task has been given to TCL.

Blackberry was synonymous with security with it's proprietary device Operating System version 10 and earlier.

Is 'new' really that new or even the latest and greatest anyomre?

Let's take a look at the camera specs as an example.

In September 2014, BlackBerry's flagship device was the Passport which also ran BlackBerry's  proprietary Operating System version 10.

This device came out with a 13MP camera.

BlackBerry's first Android device the Priv, which was announced just over a year after the Passport  came with an 18 MP camera.

The DTEK60, released another year after the Priv sported a 21 MP camera.

Sure one can argue that the new iPhone 8 has 'only' 12 MP, but why the cheap sensor technology?

Aren't we supposed to be going forwards?

We no longer have the 41MP technology used in Nokia's  Pureview 808, just like we no longer have the tech to go to the moon?

There's even a mention that in order to rush the new iPhone X Apple reduced the accuracy of the key Face ID component.

BlackBerry has a policy of abandoning it users with regards to phone operating system updates, even though some will have words contrary to this, where one can no longer use a phone for say 10 years but rather is forced up buy new thousand dollar hardware every year.

Those who bought the Priv with Android v5.1.1 (Lollipop) can only upgrade to v6 (Marshmallow), whereas Apple customers enjoy a few major OS updates.

Many tech gurus will tell you not to purchase version 1.0 of new technology, where businesses are telling you to HURRY and buy this new KEYone for $900 in Australia (for maximum profits).

Most people would be aware that as time goes by, that a $900 phone becomes cheaper to buy, i.e. a BETTER deal for the customer, and a better support base for factory designed 'bugs' that are inherent from a rush to market approach, which is rife in the industry.

If you truly want security, privacy or anonymity we do no recommend Google's Android operating system irrespective of brand of hardware (e.g. BlackBerry) or with whatever other so called security add-ons that are presented, as 'consumer' (mass population) products are not truly designed for security.

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