28 October 2017

The real reason to change Australia's marriage law exposed?

So, Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, stated that the marriage law (Marriage Act 1961) will be changed by Christmas (2017), where it's nearly November and the survey (not vote) on homosexuals marrying is not complete.

Besides that people have stated that they will be answering yes to the ABS  survey as many times as they have the addressed envelope to their residence.

So there are much more important / pressing matters that realistically need addressing that cause people HARM. e.g. keeping murders / rapists behind bars, rather than the Marriage Act of 1961.

Why the rush?

What's the agenda?

For example in (criminal) law one of the most important aspects is one's intentions with regards to the carrying out of an action.

If the ABS figures are anything to go by then homosexual couples make up approximately 1% of the Australian population.

So why so much effort on such a 'minority'?

Does the government really 'care' (remember that word mentioned above 'intention') that poofs and lesbians marry* to live "happily ever after"?

Well in the annals of a 'government' business some poindexter figured out the Government Co. could  swindle a billion of their own promissory notes from the homo-herd, from this action.

Who ever said that poofs and lezzos can't be stooged just like the hetero/metro/pan?- sexuals.

* - let's put aside the reason for marrying.

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