11 October 2010

Cameras on all intersections in Victoria

In recent events the Victorian government is 'toying' with the idea to place surveillance cameras on intersections.

The plausible excuse given to the herd is that is being used is to reduce the road toll.

Another incentive to the cattle is that you will be rewarded if you don not get caught disobeying the law.
What law?
How is this policed?
What new laws will be introduced?

The underlying motive for using this technology is for surveillance of the general populous and NOT traffic safety as stated.

An event in the near future may be the catalyst for this to occur for the 'safety' of the population.

London is currently the most surveilled city in the world with an approximate half a million cameras, yet the cameras CLEARLY failed to prevent the so called terrorist bombing of 2005.

In similar footsteps the Colonial outpost of Australia will follow suite with cameras on every corner.

Mandatory vehicle tracking will follow soon with RFID tags on registration labels or vehicle number plates, together with gps monitoring on new cars as in the United States rental vehicles.

In line with globalisation and the politics of the new world order, the citizens are being treated as criminals before any alleged criminal acts have been committed.

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