11 October 2010

Tomizone - Australia's WiFi Rip off

Australia is literally in the Dark Ages when it comes to telecommunications.

And the Telco's are loving it !!!

In very few public places there were freely accessible WiFi Hotspots.

They have been shut down and replaced with something called Tomizone.

Currently there is no pricing structure on the website, but it is available when in the hotspot.

The rates are as follows in AUD:

$3.00 per hour or 60 Mb
$6.00 per day or 160 Mb
$30 per 7 days or 1.2 GB
$39.95 30 days or 3.0 GB

comparing this to other 'expensive' providers:

$39 per month or 6.0 GB with a WiFi modem from Virgin or
$39 per month or 6 GB from 3 or
$39 per month or 8 GB from Vodafone.
(Allphones catalogue Sep 2010)

A short trip to Greece in the year 2009, in an unlikely village gave free Internet with broadband speeds.
This was the norm rather than the exception.

Greece is NOT as wealthy as Australia, yet they offer free Internet, also many airports provide free internet browsing, but NOT with the monopolised Australian telecommunications industry.

In the early 1980's Germany had ISDN data available to the public at reasonable rates, including free phone calls under 3 minutes in duration.

The telecoms monopoly held by Telstra has hurt the consumers WITH the tireless support of the government.

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