11 October 2010

Deception money for transport tickets

A Melbourne finance student photographed the credit cards of customers at a restaurant where he worked and used their details to buy public transport tickets, a court has heard.

Guan Xuan Jiang, 23, obtained $22,345 from the credit cards of eight customers at the Doncaster East restaurant where he worked as a waiter, the Melbourne Magistrates Court heard on Monday.

He spent much of the money on public transport tickets for Melbourne's Metcard and myki systems, but also bought whitegoods and university books, the court was told.

Between March and May this year, Jiang, who is from China and is doing a masters in finance at a Melbourne university, photographed the credit cards, then went on the internet and bought the goods.

Jiang had them delivered to unoccupied properties and post office boxes.

After an irregular transaction was noted on a card, investigators were able to trace it back to Jiang through the internet protocol address on his computer.

All the property was recovered and the tickets were cancelled, the court heard.

Jiang, of St Kilda, pleaded guilty to obtaining property by deception.

He told police the tickets were for himself and not other people.

Lawyer Fiona Todd said her client derived little personal gain from his offending and had made full admissions.

She said he was "stricken", "distressed" and "astonished at his behaviour".

Ms Todd said her client had requested he be given the more serious option of a suspended sentence rather than a community-based order so he can return home to China next month.

Jiang is to be a volunteer when his home town Guangzhou hosts the Asian Games, the court heard.

Magistrate Luisa Bazzani ordered he be assessed for a community-based order, indicating it was her preferred sentencing option.

Jiang, who will complete his masters in 2011, will be sentenced on Tuesday.

11 Oct 2010

The is criminal as pr the law, should spend time in gaol, then the government should deport this criminal scum back to China.

This will NOT happen as the 'Student Business' is a BIG Business in Australia.

Just more proof that that Law is PRO criminal when suits.

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