28 May 2011

Aussies ripped off by retailers: Misinformation

A hot topic within the Australian public and now the mass media is the fact that Aussie shoppers are ripped off by the globalists.

Many years ago the Australian retail giant Myer was reported on one of those evening current affairs programs for 'profiteering' at the expense of the public.

They were questioned about how a $1 shirt imported to Australia from China ended up costing he consumer $10.

Myer's excuse was that it was handled through various wholesalers 'self companies'.

The mass media (heraldsun.com.au) has provided misleading information with relation to the real markup cost of items.

In Australia the 'average' markup price for clothes is approx from 300 - 500%, and consumer electronics can be from 100 - 300%.

heraldsun has mentioned that the Mark Up for items is as follows:

Clothes : 142%
Electronics : 85%

When consumers are held to ransom with high prices from retailers, they are met with hostility that the retailers MUST charge those high prices in order to make a living.

The real facts could NOT be further from the truth. Globalists are gouging the public in blatant rip offs.

Only a small cross section of consumer rip offs has been detailed by corpau in this blog.

Dick Smith Electronics imports for example phone sockets from China for 10 cents each, and sells them for $9.95.

This is one example of BLATANT consumer rip off.


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