28 May 2011

Prolice Corruption probe will be a farce

In recent light of the fact that the police have provided fraudulent information into the public arena, an action that is covertly sponsored and supported by the government in order to put the masses into a false sense of security regarding the real figures of crime, there comes talk of an inquiry.

This may sound good in theory, but the reality is that there will be more cover ups by the government, irrespective of any real findings.

One factor that the mass media is not allowed to write about, is that of the influence of the Freemason's within the ranks of politics.

The members list of any Lodge is secret, and therefore any public revelation that Mr. X of the Police Force was told to falsify facts by his Grand Master, will be met with stiff opposition, and will result with the whistle blower dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Any public inquiry as to the corruption and misconduct of the Police Force will be a public circus display, that will NOT lead to anyone being incarcerated.

This is the way of the Anglo - Masonic leadership in Australia. They cannot and will not public crucify their own.


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