24 May 2011

Benign Fascist State the New Australia.

In Australia there is an unnerving trend in governance to flaunt in front the general populous the strength the government has in terms of financially and electorally, with little regards to official policies and procedures, simultaneously plunging the masses into poverty.

After the expulsion of Kevin Rudd as Australia’s Prime Minister, there was what is called a Hung Parliament. Since neither party had the votes to claim majority, there should have been another election. Instead Julia Gillard was put into Parliament via the form of bribes.

Australian State and Federal Governments are introducing new taxes at an alarming rate, including a new proposal to introduce a license to smoke cigarettes.

A recent proposal by the government is to displace elderly people from their housing into smaller premises, possibly against their will in essence denying them the freedom of choice. This is text book communist rule, something the western world is taught is detrimental.

One of the major differences between the Australian people and generally European or other nationality migrants is that the non-Australians are more politically aware than the Aussies. Much of this has to do with the education system, and also the sense of patriotism which is very strong within the European community.

Australian politicians are working hard at keeping the Aussie masses subdued, both mentally and spiritually. The lack of education is a top priority and the results speak for themselves. Low scores are just the beginning with the culmination being what the public education system ‘teaches’ the next generation, with the help of the mass media, that being a detraction from education, and an avid focus on entertainment and on-line celebrity status.

The government is demonstrating that it is NOT accountable before anyone for its actions, and is slowly eroding one’s rights. This is done at a level that is not clearly visible to the general population, and once all the new laws will be in place, the people will be monitored and their movements controlled at every stage of their lives.


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