11 September 2012

$10m tax cheat let go by ATO

Information has been obtained that has not yet surfaced in the corporate media, in the fraudulent world of banking and finance, that a Melbourne man, who will not be named, was given a free ticket by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Many tax cheats in the upper echelon of the business community are let go in secret by the Authorities. Some of Australia’s most prominent business names are on the list of untouchables.

The corporate media has reported on how property spruik Eugene Kukuy (aka Henry Kaye) was let off the hook, for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fraud, which in turn effected an estimated  billion dollars worth of real estate, in which only a small percentage of the millions in fraud was claimed in court.

The man cheated investors (the general public) as well as the taxation office to the tune of over $10 million, over a short period of time, the details of which are known, but will not be revealed.

The authorities, then allowed the man a name change, issued the person a passport, then allowed him to leave the country with finances intact.

It is through the support of the brotherhood’s network together with corrupt government departments including lawyers, judges and police that certain people are allowed to get away with these crimes.
These are not isolated incidences but rather a taboo in the mass media, not to expose the corrupt network behind the individuals.

So who is left to mop up the tax balance? The general population, in so called ATO ‘stings’.

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