11 September 2012

Nine years' jail for speeding Vic driver

The death of a young Melbourne woman has put a speeding drink driver in jail for nine years and left her grieving friend with a message for hoon drivers: Just give it a rest.

Peter Dean, 28, was sentenced to more than nine years' jail over the high-speed crash that killed Laura Hallinan, 19, in July 2011, as well as a separate offence of having sex with a minor.
Laura was one of six passengers in an overcrowded car driven by Dean, who had an estimated blood alcohol reading of .09 and was speeding at about 128km/h when he lost control at a bend and crashed into a guard rail and two trees.
"It just shows that speed and alcohol don't mix," a friend of Laura's, identified as Matt, told reporters after Dean was sentenced in Victoria's County Court on Monday.
"So all the hoon drivers out there, maybe give it a rest, because we've just lost someone close."
Judge Meryl Sexton said Dean had been drinking at a hotel with friends on the night of the crash and had had his licence suspended that day for a speeding offence.
Six friends had piled into the car to be driven home just after 11pm on July 14, with Dean the only one wearing a seatbelt.
As he sped down Diggers Road in Werribee, one of his passengers yelled at him to slow down.
"You either did not do so or were driving too fast to do so (in time)," Judge Sexton said.
"Given the speed at which you were travelling on 14 July (and previous speeding offences), it would seem you have a tendency to travel well beyond the speed limit and you would have known this when you set out to drive these young people home at night ..."
The other five passengers and Dean survived with injuries.

Dean was also sentenced to two years' jail for sexual penetration of a child under 16, for having sex with a "vulnerable" 13-year-old girl in April 2011.

After pleading guilty to all charges, Dean's total sentence came to nine years and two months, with a minimum term of six years and 10 months.

10 Sep 2012

Unfortunately Trailer Park Trash of this caliber exist in society, and take the innocent lives of others.

They also have the freedom to breed indiscriminately with others further perpetuating their faulty genes unto innocent children.

Also the individual is a convicted pedophile. 

The government let out this criminal only to re-offend and ultimately take the life of another.

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