08 April 2013

Cosa Nostra Lygon St

Within Australia Lygon St is a well known restaurant strip particularly well known for its Italian cuisine. It stretches for a few kilometres across a few suburbs, but it is the suburb of Carlton where it is most commonly referred to.

Carlton is traditionally an Italian strong hold, and along with that comes its share of illegal activities. The Italian mafia, referred to in the United States of America, as Cosa Nostra (of Sicilian origins) has carried out many an illegal deal in the Italian strong hold.

From dodgy cafes operating as money laundering places to gambling venues and other restaurants where known underworld criminal figures frequent, the authorities deliberately turn a blind eye to the money laundering and drug trade within.

If you as a member of the general population will park a vehicle illegally on Lygon St, you will incur a penalty notice. If you are a student who makes a turn without using an indicator the police will issue you an infringement notice.

On the other hand if you are part of a (supported) criminal organisation, the police ‘magically’ open doors for you.

On more than one occasion Lamborghinis were noticed to be parked in front of 197 Lygon St Carlton where the maximum time limit is 5 minutes. The vehicles were parked for over 3 hours or in police terms over 36 times the legal limit.

36 times over the legal limit is definitely an outrage.

The police who have been seen to be on patrol past those vehicles did not issue any infringement notices.
It really does pay to belong to a well established criminal organisation in Australia, preferably a drug empire which is part of the $1.2 billion per month drug trade turn around.

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