26 April 2013

Drugs found on Bieber tour bus in Sweden

Swedish police say they found a "small amount" of drugs on Canadian pop star Justin Bieber's tour bus while he was performing in Stockholm.

"We conducted a search of Justin Bieber's bus and found a small amount of drugs," Stockholm police spokesman Lars Bystroem told AFP.

Police made the find on Wednesday evening during a raid of the empty bus, which was parked outside the Globen arena, where the 19-year-old singer was performing.

The officers in charge of security around the Grand Hotel where Bieber was staying reported a strong odour of marijuana wafting from the bus before the singer and his entourage left for the concert venue.

Justin Bieber. (AAP)They then contacted the Stockholm police drug squad, Bystroem said.

"We have no suspect," he said, adding that the drugs were currently being analysed.

An electric stun gun that requires a special permit in Sweden was also seized.

Bieber made headlines earlier this year when he was photographed smoking a joint.

Before coming to Stockholm, Bieber played to sold-out venues in Norway and Denmark, but the teen idol's European tour has been marred by controversy.

Earlier this month, Amsterdam's Anne Frank museum defended Bieber amid a furore over his comments that he hoped the Jewish teenager who died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp would have been a fan.

And in Germany, animal rights activists asked him to apologise for bringing a 14-week-old capuchin monkey into the country without the proper paperwork.

news.com.au 24 Apr 2013

Drugs are literally rife in the music & entertainment industries.

News reports suggest that police will do a blitz on party goers at music events, for example at Australian festivals 'The Big Day Out' or 'Summadayz', but there is no policy to curb the illegal drug use among entertainment icons.

Half the music industry in Australia is as high as a kite. 

Music gurus would be stoned on national television, with the full support of the authorities, e.g. police.

Should not Bieber be deported back to the United State for questioning, as in the case of Julian Assange?

What the plebs are not allowed to do, the selected few are immune from the law.

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