26 April 2013

The ‘Adam and Eve’ story taught in schools today

In today’s day and age of much technological advancement there are areas that the masses (or plebs) have access to that did not have generations ago or a couple of thousands of years ago.

In the early 1900’s the masses were NOT allowed to read the bible, but rather had to ask a noted priest for explanations. The reasons given were that the information contained within the bible could be misinterpreted. These people are still alive today that can vouch for this.
Catholics were and still are taught the story of the two children of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, totally omitting the third one Seth, whose bloodline goes up to Noah and the floods.

In a time before the ‘bible’, Egyptian authorities, who were aware of the movements of celestial bodies, would gather the herd population, just prior to an eclipse, use the most common method of crowd control fear, to tell the herd that the ‘gods’ are angry with the people, and sacrifices, and items of wealth must be given to uphold peace. Then and only then the sun would be restored.

The most common version of the bible today is the one ‘edited’ by King James (VI) completed in 1611. 

Over the centuries the original books have been distorted and misinterpreted, with changes conducive to the translating authority’s agenda.

Adam and Eve are mentioned in Genesis, as the first people on Earth, who had two sons where one of them Cain, a crop farmer killed Abel a shepherd. Adam and Eve then found a wife for Abel in a city, which logically is impossible, since they were the first people on Earth with only one son left.

Unfortunately this story hold has zero credibility, in today’s scientific community.

Some scholars, religious educators today, put the existence of Adam and Eve to approximately 4004 B.C to approx. 4200 B.C.

In the Jewish faith, the Adam and Eve described in the Old Testament are regarded as the beginnings of their people. Similarly the Greek nation takes the starting point of their people from Helen of Troy.

Previously polytheism was the order of the day, where the masses were told there were many gods that were in charge of the different facets of life. The authorities and scholars then went on a crusade, with as much proof that many gods existed,  as one single one, to convince the masses that everything was created by one being.

The Abrahamic religions are based on a belief system rather than factual proof of the existence of a single creator.

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