23 November 2013

Smart Meters - The corporate media lies

The corporate media in Australia is literally owned by three families, Murdoch, Packer and Stokes with an emphasis on biased or selective reporting following a 'government' (business) agenda.

The official picture painted is that the Herald Sun publication is a workers newspaper, sympathetic to the Labour government, whereas The Age is a white collar publication with emphasis on Liberal government 'propaganda'.

Irrespective of which political party the publications sway towards, the objective is not to educate or entice commotion amongst the masses.

In Victoria many articles have made the main stream media about the 'smart meter' implementation in households and small businesses, and some vocal protests locally.

The corporate media has labeled the $2.3 billion project as 'controversial', as the fraud extends to backroom multi-million dollar payouts, falsified tenders, and 'unlawful' acts pushed through.

The corporate media also tells the masses that only pensioners are opposed to the 'smart meter' roll out, which just plainly false. Many people from all walks of life are opposing the installation.

A search in the popular media repository YouTube with the term Smart Meter:

will show an approximate of 476,000 results many of them exposing the truth, contrary to the sanctioned reporting of the corporate media.

A meeting with a prominent Melbourne based barrister led to information obtained, that the barrister was given the order by the bar and his masonic peers, forbidding to talk about the 'smart meters' or to take on matters regarding any law suite.

"This matter is not allowed to see the light of day in the courts as it may expose the power of corporations over the masses, which in turn could ignite civil disobedience" stated the source. 

The law is supposed to be able to be accessed by anyone, but in reality this does not seem to be the case when it comes to 'smart meters'.

Corrupt politicians, ministers and bureaucrats have 'forced' the installation of smart meters on the unsuspecting public, by providing false information to achieve the business objectives.

Here is some information provided to corpau under strict anonymity.


1). Victorians have been contractually deceived into having 'smart meters' installed at their premises. 

2). The 'mandate' to install meters is a contractual obligation between the DPI and the electricity companies NOT the customer, and are to be installed under a 'best endeavors'  policy.

3). A 'meter box' (the enclosure where a meter may be mounted inside) is the property of the owner.
     - It can be padlocked, and holes cut out for the meter reader to read the consumption.

4). The braking of a meter box by any 'person' is a criminal 'offence' and is punishable by law.

5). The attempt to make 'smart meters' mandatory breaches our Commonwealth constitution 1901 and our Common Law Rights.

6). The 'Powercor' (LG-E350) and 'Jemena' (i-credit 500) smart meters have not been calibrated to Australian Standards and safety/health and they breach Commonwealth Weights and Measures Act.

7). 'Smart meters' are NOT installed by qualified electricians as 'mandated' by law when dealing with 240V or the power grid connection of devices. 

8). They have not received NATA accreditation, as a result they breach the Commonwealth Crimes Act.

9). They are not UL (Underwriter Laboratories) approved - NO FIRE INSURANCE from faulty meter.

10). Also they breach the Competition and Consumer Act as they are not a public Utility any more; they are a private company/corporation using their power in the market place to force goods and services on the community.

11). Further more they breach international law.

12). It has been alleged that Dr. Britain provided these corporation an exemption to comply with the Australian Standards.  If this is correct then the Minister has also committed a crime.

13). They are (real time) surveillance devices.

14). They DO NOT transmit 4 times per day as falsely stated by Powercor, but rather 1440 times per day.

15). Powercor falsely states that the smart meter transmission radiation is approximately 1/2 of that of an SMS sent by a mobile phone. A test shows 121 times more that of what Powercor states.

Companies / corporations can provide false information to consumers without any real consequences or criminal charges, even in the farcical court system of Australia.

The information provided above may only be relevant to 'smart meters' but as always with law is not limited to only 'smart meters'. Other legal factors are also involved.

There are also the facts on how lawful the alleged law regarding smart meters really is.

This will be posted in another article.

There should be a 'Royal Commission' into this fraud, but the corporate thugs will never allow this to happen.

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