11 November 2010

Electricity price rise drought sponsored Government fraud

In 2009, the government has justified the electricity resellers prise rise of 17% per annum as a result of the drought, especially in Victoria, Australia.

From approx February 2010, Victoria has experienced torrential rainfalls, and in October 2010 it has been the wettest October in 35 years.

Other states of Australia have an abundance of water, Queensland having dams at 110% capacity, as well as Tasmania also being overflowing with water.

The government has been deliberately slow in lifting water restrictions for the general populous, which now sits at Stage 2 Water Restrictions for the majority of the State's people.

There is NO more mention of the word drought in the mass media, as the populous is well aware that the official figures for the dams are deliberately falsified.

Since there is NO drought, the power companies have NOT lifted their 17% loading due to the long gone drought.

There should be a Royal Commission as to the deliberate government sponsored drought in order for businesses to rort (Australian : financial impropriety) monies from the general populous.

The building of a desalination plant in Victoria's east is of NO greater environmental friendliness, than the building of extra dams, BUT the cost of water will be THREE times greater to the masses.

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