07 November 2010

Rotten Katie Price is the loser now

Other people’s relationships. They’re fascinating, aren’t they?

We can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors: the routine, the rows, the kisses, the kids…

Except with some couples, we know the lot.

What is there left to be revealed about Katie Price and Peter Andre? They’ve lived their entire car-crash romance on TV and in magazines: from their I’m A Celebrity flirtations, to their Barbie-and-Ken wedding, to their Twittering, wittering divorce.

And what have we, the goggling audience, learnt? That Katie cannot let her husband have the last word. That she loves nothing more than to put him down.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in front of their kids or in front of the cameras, whether she’s mocking the size of his singing career or the size of his manhood, Katie has always delighted in making Peter Andre seem small. She never, ever stops competing.

Even when it comes to her closest family and friends, she’ll resort to nasty tactics, because she just has

to win.

Katie has to be top dog, so she turns bitch to do it. She says she’s desperate for Pete to come back, yet she’s still engaged in a public competition with him.

Whether it’s entertaining her charming ex, Dane Bowers, or whisking the kids off for some

very public fun in a theme

park, she’s still desperate to beat Pete.

I’ve interviewed Katie Price. It was in 2002, during the pre-Peter, Jordan years. I was excited: naively I thought I could reclaim Jordan for the sisterhood. But when I finally met her (she cancelled three times, including once when I was at her door), she was ’orrible.

Don’t get me wrong, she looked lovely. A stop-the-traffic, stone-cold beauty. In a pink coat, sparkly jeans and mules, she clack-clacked through Heathrow, with fellers swooning in her wake.

I’ve never seen anything like it. If she’d carried a hot frying pan, men would have thrown themselves naked in there to end up as her lunch.

But as a person, that woman was mean. She talked to her PR like he was dirt. She talked to me like that, too.

The first thing she told me was that I was scruffy (fair enough). After our interview – 40 minutes on the plane between London and Leeds – I was invited for lunch.

But every time I ventured a comment, Katie turned her beautiful, cold, hazel eyes on me and said, flatly: “Shut up, no one’s listening.”

She might be pretty on the outside, but she’s rotten underneath.

Right up until she met Peter Andre, Katie Price only managed to go for men who actively treated her badly.

Dwight Yorke and Dane Bowers were possessive

and dismissive, wanting

her for her body and not much more.

Though Peter Andre isn’t the brightest sequin on her bikini, he’s a good ’un, a nice guy, a family man who loved her and Harvey and Junior and Princess. And she blew it.

Less than five years into a supposedly life-long relationship and Katie’s nastiness has forced the good guy away.

Actions speak louder than words. You can say you love someone, but if you put them down and treat them worse than you treat your horse, they get the message eventually.

Why stick with someone who

just can’t be nice? Who wants a bully for a wife?

Katie Price is her own worst enemy.

mirror.co.uk 30 May 2009

Another Trailer Park Trash whore in the spotlight for the young and impressionable children of the Canon Fodder.

The politics is very simple as trash like this are put in the limelight to degrade and devalue the morals of the youth of the working classes.

A true inspiration for a young and impressionable teenager to look up to a Porn 'Star' and act like a whore, to be 'cool' with the boys.

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