07 November 2010

Girl, 6, dangled off balcony to pick up cloth

A six-year-old Turkish girl has been filmed abseiling down an apartment building to collect a piece of clothing — supported only by a thin piece of rope.

The video, which was shot by locals at a cafe next to the building in Yozgat in central Turkey, shows a woman tying a rope to the girl's back before she climbs over the railings.

She is then lowered two floors down and collects the black-coloured garment before being hoisted back up and over the balcony.

It is believed the woman is the girl's mother but this has not been confirmed.

Germany's Bild newspaper reports the balcony was 9m from the ground.

It is not known if police are investigating.

ninemsn.com.au 4 Nov 2010

Another TYPICAL example of :

"Just because you can breed, does not mean you should".

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