07 November 2010

Nokia CA-53 Cable - JB HIFi Ripoff

Politicians and the business community alike, tout (vigorously advertise) the new trend words like:


to be good for the consumer. If this were true there would be NO need to spread this propaganda, as the general public would be aware of its benefits.

Here we have another product under scrutiny, this time the much outdated Nokia CA-53 Data Cable.

In this illustration, the original cable is priced at $65.00 from JB Hi Fi.

The price of such items in technology warehouses in China is at an aprroximate $US 1.00

The same product is also available for $19.46 from Dick Smith electronics, which is now owned by the Giant retailer Big W.

The real benefits of gouging the consumer are to the business community and NOT the individual.

This is the wonderful thing about Capitalism, in that the business elite can ripoff the consumer without ANY regulation.

In this instance JB Hi Fi are a CLEAR Ripoff !

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