19 December 2010

No Christmas in Australia

In Australia, the current trend is NOT to celebrate Christmas, but rather promote the "FESTIVE SEASON", or salute "SEASONS GREETINGS", rather than "MERRY CHRISTMAS".

This is an insult to all religions that celebrate Jesus Christ as their savior.

Interviews with many parents from various schools, have indicated that in primary and secondary state schools, Christmas is being shunned, and generic greetings are pushed by the teachers onto the children.

This is done deliberately to desensitise the children of this and future generations to (Catholic) religion .

Other religions are being promoted vigorously, whereas the verbose following of Christianity is being discouraged.

The 'excuse' given is that this may offend other people of different religious beliefs.

Australia is considered in general, as nation of Christian following, whether it being Church of England, Roman Catholic, Orthodox or denominations.

Australia, has been long regarded as a 'multicultural' nation, where other nationalities also can follow their beliefs in conjunction with the host nation.

The global politics is to disassemble Christianity as a belief, imposed by the rulers of the world, in what has been outlined in the policies of the New World Order.

Multiculturalism is a way of disassembling national identity, patriotism, and any sense of who we are.

This is prompted on a global scale, by the support of a high migration pattern of 'refugees', who are a result of deliberate government failures.

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