25 December 2010

Oprah Winfrey Car Giveaway Fraud

Not exactly new news, as this event occurred in 2004, but none the less an indication of how fraudulent the mass media can be in shaping the minds of the masses.

In 2004, Oprah proclaimed that 'she' is giving away a 'free' car.

On her show the crowd went wild, with excitement.

The mass media over amplified this story that she is some sort of God sent philanthropist.

The cars given away were 'sponsored' (donated) by Pontiac.

What Oprah also failed to mention that there would be a tax involved with the ownership of the car.

A tax of $7000 had to be paid to claim the winning vehicle.

The only options were:
  1. Keep the car and pay the tax,
  2. Sell the car, and pay the tax on the profits,
  3. Denounce the vehicle.

Many of the audience members could not afford to pay the tax.

The audience have been duped at the time of the announcement that they are receiving a free car.

The mass media curiously kept this fact away from its publishing's at the time of Oprah's arrival in Australia

Oprah recently visited Australia, in a mass media campaign, that portrayed her of divine like status akin to Mother Teresa.

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