19 December 2010

Toyota Prius UNSAFE but it's OK because it's green

The politics behind this is VERY simple, that being that we MUST GO GREEN irrespective of the cost.

One of the 'fearful' slogans used is
"for the benefit of our children",
because lets face it, we'd do ANYTHING for our children.

The authorities are using emotions, such as fear or love to sway the minds of the masses.

What the mass media, and others concerned are NOT telling it how it is, but rather succumbing to a political agenda.

Toyota's Prius, is a car that has been on the Australian market for a little while. Information obtained from Toyota personnel, is that it is generally considered UNSAFE.

The Government has faked its safety standard, exposing all that have purchased it.

Since what is at stake is a multi-million dollar industry, crash data information, and the like is kept secret, again at the expense of the general public.

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