05 December 2010

'Rude' actor Josh Duhamel kicked off flight

  • Actor Josh Duhamel removed from plane
  • Allegedly taunted flight attendant
  • Refused to turn off his mobile phone

ACTOR Josh Duhamel refused to turn off his BlackBerry on a plane before take-off, forcing it back to the gate where he was escorted off the plane.

The incident occurred on a LaGuardia flight bound for Kentucky, US, yesterday.

Duhamel, who is married to Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, was "very rude" and "taunted the attendant" who asked him to turn off the electronic device three times, a passenger told TMZ.

The attendant became infuriated when Duhamel, 38, disregarded the request and requested back-up to deal with him.

The plane, headed to the runway for takeoff, decided to turn back to the gate where two officers boarded the plane and escorted the Transformers actor off.

The actor's rep told the website Duhamel was texting on his BlackBerry about his flight being delayed, adding "he's sorry" the incident caused a further delay.

news.com.au 4 Dec 2010

This is ground breaking news according to news.com.au.

Nothing more than Entertainment Trash, that thinks is above the laws prescribed to society.

Civilians that do not comply with airport procedures are charged. So should this piece of trash.

The pinnacle of success.

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