11 December 2010

Youtube censoring Wikileaks

Politics, finance and the mass media go hand in hand, as the individuals who run them are part of the elite that runs the world.

Staring in the face of evidence, without any benefit of doubt, companies blatantly lie, that they do not, for example, censor a particular topic, that covers exposing government lies, or that is unpopular with the governments concerned.

In this instance, Youtube, has a video posted by the sunshinepress, exposing the killings of people in Iraq. The video was originally submitted to Wikileaks.

At the time of the above screenshot of the video called:
Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq,
has been viewed 9,475,371 times in 8 months

In Youtube's search field, when one types the name of a video, the next best / popular option is suggested head of the person typing.

In the screenshot, after typing in Collateral Mu the letter r is totally omitted by the 'automated' search function, and instead the user is forced to choose:
Collateral Music, who's video, at the time of posting, been viewed 48,971 times in 3 years,
prompting a cause for concern that Wikileak's video Collateral Murder is deliberately excluded from the search engine, implicating that a call of censorship is against Wikileaks.

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