05 December 2010

Wikileaks - US to Kill Julian Assange

After Wikileak's founder, Australian Julian Assange published the War Diary : Iraq War Logs, the United States of America, sent out a bulletin to the nations concerned to incarcerate Mr. Assange under ANY pretext.

Soon after in Sweden it was alleged that Mr. Assange was involved in a rape, to which he must be in custody to answer allegations.

Once in custody, the subject is in a controlled environment, and the subjects food could be tampered with drugs that can cause illness at a later point in time, that will have no trace left.

These drugs create cancers at a later date or heart attacks in the near future.

In the expose of the Collateral Murder tape of US helicopter gunship crew killing innocent journalists, children, and laughing about it, the international community has NOT looked into the allegations, nor has the United Nations done ANYTHING.

The actions of the nations concerned shows that they are nothing more than puppets of the 'American' Financiers.

Government's are increasingly showing that they are above any laws, NOT accountable to ANYONE, and any attempt at exposing their illegal actions results in action against the whistle-blowers.

Fraud committed in the political and financial circles is NOT dealt with accordingly, and it is the general populous that pays the price.

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