09 December 2010

Wikileaks - Julian Assange ((the)rapist)

The above titles is a play on words straight from a sketch from the comic genius of Benny Hill.

see : http://www.theonion.com/articles/british-government-releases-scandalous-benny-hill,848/

Unfortunately in the Real World, the implications of such a word is far from a belly laugh or even a slight chuckle.

In very short summary, Julian Assange is in British custody, after an incident that involved an alleged rape in Sweden to which legal proceeding began after he published leaked U.S. documents.

It is a well known fact within the political / financial arena that any act of insubordination is met with retaliation, that can also be an act of a character assassination.

An interview by corpau has shed light that some politicians are held to ransom, by information held on their families, will be made public, if they do not listen to the orders from members of their (masonic) lodge
, or their workplace leaders to which they must adhere to the political agenda irrespective of their personal views.

It is not uncommon for new arrivals into Scientology to disclose their deepest and darkest secrets in confidence as part of a healing process, which are secretly recorded and used as blackmail at a later date.

Not distracting from any legitimate and heinous act of rape or the like, just like possession of narcotics, it can be quite easily forged. The onus is solely upon the defendant to prove otherwise, which irrespective of truth, can be judged in favour or against.

Many an analysis on Julian Assange has been written of late, and one can clearly deduce that he is of a greater than average intelligence level.

Dealing at such a high level of politics, it would be frivolous to dismiss that any act of retaliation would not occur, or even not difficult to predict that an allegation of such nature as has happened would surface.

The mass media circus of the dismissal of President Clinton from his workplace, was centered around a consensual sexual act that happened in the workplace.

How many 'affairs' happen in the workplace, and the people involved, their employment is NOT terminated.

The Victorian Premier Mr. Steve Bracks, resigned from politics after his son was behaving inappropriately.

On the plus side, the legal eagles have opened up a precedence across the entire European Union against alleged rapists to their expedient capture and bringing to justice in the respective country.

This should be the beginning of a new age to the end of the SEX TRADE of (also underage) Slavic teenagers between the East and the West, by the relevant mafias.

The United States of America will undoubtedly step up the prosecutions against these individuals or smuggling rings.......

unless of course they are financing the operations.

But that could be a whole new leak......

It is now easily obtainable knowledge that the Russian Revolution was financed by WALL STREET.

It is now also knowledge accessible to the canon fodder, that the Nazis were financed by the Bush family, Rockefellers as well as other prominent banks like Chase.

Not anywhere in the forbes list of billionaires does the name Rothschild appear.


What is the net worth of the Rothschilds:

History of the House of Rothschilds:

Why does the Rothschilds name NOT appear in the FORBES list of billionaires ??? !!! ???


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